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Going Forward: Ways Liverpool can improve in the final 10 games

Steven Gerrard’s hat-trick Tuesday night against Everton was special, and Liverpool picked up a much needed and very deserved three points over their Merseyside rivals. But, to be perfectly frank, Liverpool’s form in league play has been nothing short of disappointing.

Given the way the team played under Kenny Dalglish last season, the results this campaign have left a lot to be desired from the Reds – despite putting in a number of good performances. Whether it be the lack of goals, lack of effort in some games, or questionable team selections, there are a lot of issues with the first team.

Here are my suggestions for the rest of the season. Read more…


The Chicago Fire Academy: Developing youth soccer players in a professional setting

March 5, 2012 1 comment

(By Jill Jacoby and Jeremy Mikula)

The Chicago Fire’s Youth Academy looks to produce homegrown talent for the MLS club by fostering local talent in a professional development setting.

Like nearly 17.5 million American children, Victor Pineda, 18, grew up playing soccer in his hometown of Bolingbrook, Ill. While most kids only dream of playing elite soccer, Pineda took his professional aspirations to the Chicago Fire’s youth academy, a part of Major League Soccer’s recent attempt to recruit and train young American talent. Read more…

The Inner-City Debate: Where should youth soccer players be recruited from?

March 5, 2012 1 comment

(By Jill Jacoby and Jeremy Mikula)

As director of the Chicago Fire Academy (CFA), Larry Sunderland’s main job is to scout out and find the best young soccer talent in the Chicagoland area.

One major point of debate when it comes to developing soccer players in the U.S. is where youth players are recruited from. Should teams recruit in suburban areas — where organized club soccer is dominant — or should they scope out the local urban talent? Read more…